1 April 2021

When this bloody plague is over.....

What a fiend we have in Boris.....

No one needs me to cite the infidelities, the lies, the illegalities, the egocentricities, the toe-curling attempts at popularism, the shameful evidence of nepotism, the blatant protection of toadies or the grand attempts at self-promotion  that cling to the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom like plastic bags of dog shit to a gatepost.....  

So I won't.....

The innocent are innocent as long as they have money or power.  Or until they are eaten by buzzards.....

When this bloody plague is over

Oh, how happy we will be;

When I get my open face back

No more social-distancing for me.


No more lonely Sunday vigils,

No more clapping in the dark;

I hope the creepy Cabinet Monsters

Will wear some other tragic masks.

With luck, perhaps, the jet stream will blow all ills away, soon, and the world will recover its equilibrium, despite all.  And funerals will be conducted in churchyards across the face of the earth, with no restriction, no let, no hindrance.....

And the poor will be catered for by public subscription (and political goodwill.....)

And we shall all live 'til we stretch out in comfort (and our hair falls out.....)

Flock immunity shall be the watchword.....

Though it is to be expected that some will be beyond reproach.....

And that some may not dare to take the plunge....

And of course there will be those who just want to stand and stare....

 No more putting in for furlough

     No more Tory lies for me....
     Full employment and proper services
Oh, how happy we shall be.

When this bloody plague is over

No more shielding for you or me

We may mix wherever, whenever,

Oh, how happy we will be!


(With credit to Anni Tracy for the penultimate stanza)

A dog's dinner

Though the plague will still be with us, of course, quietly rotting our well-being and blinding us to reality.

The dire reality of a mismanaged world.

What a fiend we have in Boris
All our care and griefs to raise
What a privilege to carry
Everything to him in praise

Oh, what peace we often forfeit
Oh, what needless pain we have
All because we do not carry
Everything to him in love

Have we trials and temptations?
Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged
Take it to Boris in prayer

Can we find a friend so faithful
Who will all our sorrows share?
Boris knows our every weakness
Take it to himself in prayer

“About aaah about aah you know your sort of league table question I I I you know I think I mean I er respectfully er go back to the answer you would have heard from the podium many times which is that the er the er the the pandemic is er alas tragically is not over yet er across the world and we will continue to er protect everyone is er to the to the er to the best of to the best of our abilities. This this this is not over and I think the international comparisons are are are premature at this stage.”

The Prime Minister has left the room.....

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