28 January 2023

Something Special

I protest....

[In Memoriam Terry Hall]


The lunatics have taken over the asylum....

Everybody knows.....   I am indebted to my elder bro, who sent me this cd as a birfdy pressie.  I had heard of the passing of young Terry Hall but could not really claim a pass to his fan club.  

My excuse might be that during the height of their fame I was immersed in Italian delights, but that is a flimsy weasel.

Terry Hall could sing the skin off a Cane Toad - whatever that means. And his choice of words was simple but subtle. Telegraph readers please look away..... Daily Mail readers, please curl up and die. Life is too harsh for complacency. Life is too short for those who think they believe politics is for the rich to get richer. 

Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died

Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson

With his sharp suits, harsh buzzcut, brooding brow and hard stare, Terry Hall was one cool customer. The beloved frontman of The Specials and Fun Boy Three has died [from pancreatic cancer] aged 63, another leading light of the punk era gone but fondly remembered by his bandmates as “one of the kindest, funniest, and most genuine of souls”.

Fiona Shepherd
The Scotsman

I come to the party too late, as usual.  But there is still time to protest.  I am sick. And tired.  Is there no integrity?  

In his first comments outside Downing Street, new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said, “This government will have integrity, professionalism and accountability at every level. Trust is earned.  And I will earn yours.”

Well?  I am waiting.  

To pray or not to pray
To sway or not to sway
Jesus died for something, or nothing at all
Fuck all those perfect people

Sleepy eyes, waltzing through
I’m not talking ‘bout you

James Wesley Voight

Yes, we are all waiting.  Waiting for some integrity, professionalism and accountability.  Members of the Cabinet who have already been sacked but then reinstated with no change.  Members of the Cabinet under investigation for multiple accusations of bullying.  Members of the Cabinet under investigation for tax avoidance.  A Prime Minister who held a US Green Card whilst being in the Cabinet and whose wife not only held non-dom status and so avoided UK income tax but allegedly also still holds a share in a company that has offices in Moscow.

I don’t mind failing in this world
I don’t mind failing in this world
Don’t mind wearing the ragged britches
‘Cause those who succeed are the sons of bitches
I don’t mind failing in this world

Malvina Reynolds

What you gonna do?  We've all got our crosses to bear.  We all have our failings, our weaknesses.  And we should forgive, and forget.  

At least that's how it goes.  Mr Johnson would like us to.....  But I am sorry.  I cannot.  When he was drinking with his stooges in No 10 I was trying to shore up my wife's diminishing life on my own, not even supposed to go out more than once a day, let alone have anyone, not even our daughters, round to keep us company.

By the end of his life Mr. Hall had not entirely escaped his demons, but he had made a certain peace with himself, and with his role as half-willing pop star.

When asked by The Spectator if he derived any pleasure from performing, he responded: “Absolutely none. That’s why I do it.”

He quickly amended that. “I actually do enjoy that thing onstage where I turn round and I’ve got Horace and Lynval, who I’ve known most of my life, and we’re sharing something. That’s my night out. Don’t get out much.”

Alex Williams

The New York Times

I see the faces of starvation (Ah-oom)
But I just cannot see the point (Ah-oom)
'Cause there's so much food here today (Ah-oom)
That no one wants to take away

The lunatics have taken over the asylum
The lunatics have taken over the asylum
The lunatics have taken over the asylum
The lunatics have taken over the asylum
The lunatics have taken over the asylum
The lunatics have taken over the asylum
The lunatics have taken over the asylum
The lunatics have taken over the asylum
The lunatics have taken over the asylum
The lunatics have taken over the asylum

Lynval Golding, Neville Staple 
and Terry Hall


[Dedicated to] the New Axis of Evil:  Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Simon Cowell - we're fucked.....

Terry Hall
Live at Coventry Cathedral, July 2019

The Specials

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