3 June 2023

Snettisham Today

A Snapshot of Snettisham


As the new Vicar of Snettisham, the Reverend Dan Tansey, wrote in the February edition of  the church magazine, The VillagerI know I’m not the first newcomer who’s instantly felt welcomed and at home in Snettisham.  

Although I first came to Snettisham as a residential volunteer for the RSPB (at Titchwell Marsh Nature Reserve) quite a few years ago, I moved here with my wife, Amanda, in January 2021, while we were still locked down.  Amanda is badly affected by dementia, even though she is still only in her sixties, and we were indeed kindly welcomed by all around us.  Sadly, last September, it became necessary for her to move into a Care Home in Heacham, so our hopes for a long retirement here have not quite gone to plan.


As a result of this, however, I have been able to develop my interest in photography, and, because I want to give something back to the community, I have started a project which I am calling A Snapshot of Snettisham, and, with the support of the Vicar and the Friends of St Mary’s Church, I am gathering photographs which reflect the Village as it is now.

This has been inspired by the wealth of heritage material that already exists, but I wanted to capture the essence of Snettisham as it is now. It is a daunting enterprise - I am not a professional photographer and I don’t want to intrude on anyone’s privacy - but it is taking shape, with pictures of local people and of some of the architecture, and wildlife, that makes this a special place.  


As of yesterday (Friday June 2nd, 2023) a selection of pictures (the ones shown here)  is being exhibited in St Mary's, but ultimately, I aim to publish a book, any proceeds from which will go to the Friends of St Mary’s but which will also form a permanent part of Snettisham’s heritage. 

[Should you wish to be a part of this, please don’t hesitate to contact me at richardpgibbs@aol.com .  It may not be possible to include everyone, but don’t be shy – the more the merrier!]

Snettisham is a village and civil parish in the English county of Norfolk. It is located near the west coast of Norfolk, some 5 miles south of the seaside resort of Hunstanton, 9 miles north of the town of King's Lynn and 45 miles northwest of the city of Norwich.

Thank you to all those who let me take their pictures.  I won't name you here, but you know who you are....

*    *    * 

This piece is posted in memory of Jonty Driver, one-time President of the anti-apartheid National Union of South African Students; also  a writer, teacher, headmaster and friend.  

Jonty died on May 21st 2023

My condolences to his wife Ann and his family

The darkness now seems darker still,
and eddies down the edge of sight,
goes twisting down and down, until
it seems so deep it's almost light.

From Still Further
New Poems 2000 - 2020
by C J Driver 1939 -2023

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