25 April 2020

A Bunch of Flowers

Spring is Sprung!

When we went into 'lock down' the spring was still in its infancy.  Bare trees stood out above harrowed fields....

This country's 'Prime Minister' was unwell, and might have died had not immigrants risked their lives to save him (memo to self: campaign to bring an end to immigration - sic. Joke?)

But the world turned, the clocks went forward, the sun came out, and spring began to spring (surely there's another word? sprout? spurt? skip? caper? gambol?..... take your pick.....)

Now we wander through woods perfumed with the blue smoke rising from the carpet....  I sniff to ensure that my sense of smell isn't impaired - then wonder if I have hay fever?

I catch an intruder sucking at the syrup of spring, nectar of the gods..... Possibly newly awakened from hibernation (oh how I envy that possibility)

Small Tortoiseshell

While nearby I find an embattled Peacock  Butterfly who, like me, has seen better days....

The Hedgerows are brilliant with flower burst.  I have to remind myself of the difference between Blackthorn and Whitethorn.  Sloe to catch on, it May be harder in April now that global warming is here?

Hawthorn (May) blooming in April

Another panorama of perfection....

Where I find Yellow Archangel mingling with the bluebells - everything seems to be early this year.  Is it my mistake?  I thought the archangels followed the bells?

Yellow Archangel

In the meadows I find Red Campion

Red Campion

Mixing with the Cowslips


While the Dandelions are beginning to tell the time.....

There are riots on the banks beside the paths,

Garlic Mustard - Jack by the Hedge

Stitchwort goes in for numbers


And successions of colours dazzle

Green Alkanet

But everything is vying for light

Common Comfrey

Or for water, as at Redbournbury Mill,

Marsh Marigold - Kingcups

On common ground another yellow catches at us.....


Furze was regularly gathered for firing in the last century (the 19th - Ed.) from Harpenden Common.  To quote a 90-year-old man I interviewed: "We gathered it carefully, not haphazardly, remembering there was a tomorrow." [Richard Mabey - Flora Britannica]

And everywhere the trees, earlier so reticent, have burst into flame

Ornamental Cherries take some beating....

Though the wild trees are really fine....

And when all is said and done the Horse Chestnut takes the biscuit.....

So, time moves on and Spring will eventually turn into summer, and then autumn, and then.....  The world turns, and nature takes its course.  This wonderful spring will soon be a memory, as the trees unfurl their leaves and hide their branches, the scent of bluebells fades and the trampled leaves shrivel.....  

Let's hope this intemperate malady also dies and becomes a memory, and is then forgotten.


Spring is sprung
The grass is ris
I wonder where the birdies is?

They say the bird is on the wing
But that's absurd
The wing is on the bird!

Greater Periwinkle

Where's the Scarlet Pimpernel when you need him?

All pictures taken with FujiFilm X100V within a relatively short distance of our home in Hertfordshire during this recent period of 'lock down' while we have been exercising.....

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  1. Lovely photos, Richard.

    Subtle variants of De Budding Bronx exist. I favour, for its superior scansion, this:

    Dey say de boid is on der wing
    Ain't dat absoid?
    I always thought der wing was on de boid

    There is also:

    Toity poiple boids
    A sittin' on de coib
    A choipin' an' a boipin'
    An er eatin' doity woims